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Dr Joanna Lapish is able to certify Class 1, 2 and 3 CAA medical certificates.

PLEASE!  Try to make your booking 30 days before your expiry date in case CAA require further investigations or I need to liaise with CAA for you.  If you see me up to 30 days before your expiry date, the CAA allows the date on your new certificate to be calculated from the expiry date. You will not lose this time by coming to see me early.  By leaving it too late your certificate may lapse before your next one is ready.

•    $400 First medical
•    $368 Repeat certificate (includes ECG and spirometry if required)
•    $115 to do both CASA and CAA medical at the same time

Please phone reception for an appointment:

Phone: (09) 833 7347



Chris Lapish

Pilot Medicals Administration

We use Skycert – the online medical certification programme.  Please go to and register, and fill out an application form.


Joanna and Chris also do pilot medicals at Ardmore Airport most Tuesdays, and Hastings and Gisborne 5 or 6 times per year. Please go to to see the Ardmore, Gisborne, or Hastings dates. Bookings for these locations are done online via SkyCert. Ardmore can be found under the practice called “Joanna Lapish’.  Hastings and Gisborne can be found under the practice called ‘Hastings and Gisborne’.    There is an extra $50 plus GST charge for Hastings and Gisborne.


 Skycert also has a lot of helpful information about getting your first medical, or renewing your medical.


Other costs:

CAA $121

Depending on what you need, and where you go, other costs are likely to be as below:

•    Lab tests approx. $70-$80 (if you have had fasting lipids and glucose/HbA1c by your own GP in the last 11 months you can bring a printout of these results instead).
•    Optometrist report (class 1 and 3 only): $100–$200
•    Audiologist report (not required for Class 2 if not IFR): $80-$150
•    Chest X-ray if any lung problems : approx. $100–150
•    Cardiologist report on ECG if there are abnormalities: approx $50
•    Other tests if any medical concerns.

CAA require that the CAA fee is paid prior to your appointment.  This can be done online via the CAA website. 

Please complete your online application form on


•    Bring – glasses, spare glasses, contact lenses (but come with contact lenses out).
•    Bring photo ID (eg drivers licence, passport)


More information is available at

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