We are now at critical point in New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. We must all do our part,
to prevent the devastation that has been seen overseas.


Isolation is key – even if you are well, and think you are low risk, you can spread the virus. Every time you leave the house, you must consider whether it is ESSENTIAL.


Our team have put systems in place to ensure that you continue to have access to our services via phone, Health365 patient portal and video consultations using Doxy.me. Some patients will still need to be seen in person – we will manage your contact with our service safely. We have temporarily cancelled all late nights until further notice.


We will continue to prioritise our most vulnerable patients for Flu vaccinations by providing dedicated time slots during our nurses day.


Please phone reception for repeat prescriptions, phone/video consultations, onsite appointments or general enquires.


We know that a lot of our patients are distressed and anxious, and we care about you. Please remember that we are people with families struggling with risk, fear and financial loss as well. 

We appreciate your kindness dealing with our staff – we are doing our best.


– Royal Heights Medical Centre Team